Hermetic linear LED lamps

Lampa hermetyczna LED 40W PULSARI HERME PLUS
Lampa hermetyczna liniowa LED 60W PULSARI HERME PLUS

Hermetic linear LED lamps

Hermetic linear LED lamps from the PULSARI LED LIGHTING brand will certainly work optimally in spaces with difficult conditions. These include, for example, a relatively high level of humidity or dust remaining in the facility for many hours. Owners of manufacturing and processing companies choose our products because their hermetic design ensures long, failure-free operation even in the most extreme conditions

As experts agree, hermetic linear lamps are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent lamps. Why is this happening? This is primarily due to the following utilitarian values of such products:

Lampa liniowa hermetyczna 70W PULSARI HERME LED

6 years warranty

170 lm/W

High leakage IP rate

Durability up to 100,000 hours

INOX clips



It is worth mentioning here that hermetic linear lamps manufactured by PULSARI LED meet all lighting standards applicable both in our country and in the European Union. The use of LED technology also guarantees the possibility of making significant savings on electricity consumed in the long term, which will have a beneficial effect on minimizing the operating costs incurred by the owner of a given plant

Hermetic linear LED lamps from PULSARI LED LIGHTING are also a relatively inexpensive solution, so they may be a hit, especially for entrepreneurs who want to modernize the workspace, making it much more comfortable for employees. They will certainly not be disappointed with the quality of workmanship, the number of available product variants, and finally – their longevity

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