Industrial LED lamps

Industrial high bay LED lamps from PULSARI LED LIGHTING are increasingly used as a replacement for standard fluorescent lamps and similar lighting elements in domestic production and processing plants. What causes their constantly increasing popularity?

The following are particularly noteworthy for potential buyers:

  • 6 years warranty
  • Producer
  • Efficiency up to 185 lm/W
  • High tightness coefficient
  • High mechanical resistance factor
  • Expected durability of up to 100,000 hours of illumination
Lampa przemysłowa LED PULSARI VIGO PLUS
Lampa high bay LED PULSARI VIGO widok na radiator
High bay industrial lamps, thanks to their extremely beneficial features, are ideal for both general lighting and for illuminating working spaces in:
  • industrial plants
  • processing plants
  • production plants
  • warehouse halls
  • logistics centers
  • sports facilities

There is nothing to stop them from becoming part of the standard equipment of a private garage, studio or office

The use of PULSARI LED LIGHTING high bay LED industrial lamps in a given facility allows for lighting savings of between sixty and even seventy percent compared to standard lamps and fluorescent lamps. Moreover, their compact, unobtrusive design makes them fit perfectly into the decor of any space in which they will be implemented

Described LED lamps have also gained favor because they are made of the highest quality materials that are resistant to damage and deformation, which clearly ensures the possibility of their long-term, failure-free use. When used properly, the products have a durability of up to 100,000 hours, which is a significant value in this product category. It is worth purchasing them especially when we want the synergy of aesthetic and utilitarian values at an affordable price