LED park lamps

LED park lamps

PULSARI LED park lamps are, according to experts, one of the best solutions for both individual consumers and companies wishing to illuminate parks, squares or gardens, ensuring not only the aesthetic appearance of such spaces, but also – noticeably increasing their safety after dark

What is extremely important, the PULSARI LED LIGHTING brand tries to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. It is for them that we have prepared both standing park lamps resembling street lamps
The advantage of the described LED lamps is the use of LED technology, which not only allows for significant savings in terms of power consumption, but also ensures long service life and satisfactory intensity of the light generated by such a product
Lampa parkowa na słup PULSARI LED LIGHTING
Lampa parkowa 50W PULSARI LED


Our offer includes park lamps of various power, but the most popular and most frequently chosen are the following variants:

  • 30W  /  4100 lm
  • 40W  /  5400 lm
  • 50W  /  6700 lm
  • 60W  /  8000 lm
  • 70W  /  9800 lm

We have created products with a minimalist yet elegant design, thanks to which park lamps will fit into the specificity of any space, regardless of the style of its arrangement. These LED lamps are also characterized by above-average resistance to mechanical damage, unfavorable external factors and exposure to difficult weather conditions, which means that they will serve the user for many months or even years… even in quite difficult domestic conditions

The prices of PULSARI LED LIGHTING lamps remain at a favorable level, so even buyers who decide to purchase a larger quantity of them will not have to worry that such a purchase will excessively strain their budget